Reversible Table Top (Square)

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Description: Reversible Table Top Our melamine table top has walnut or mahogany on one side and oak or black on the others, which matches most any restaurant décor. Dark brown or black “T”-mold edge protect the table top’s actual edge. • 1″ thickness • High impact melamine • Black “T”-mold edge for the Mahogany/Black wood grain finish • Brown “T”-mold edge for the Oak/Walnut wood grain finish SIZE ITEM # WEIGHT 24X24 DT2424 15 24X30 DT2430 19 24X42 DT2442 26.5 24X45 DT2445 28 30X30 DT3030 24 30X42 DT3042 33 30X45 DT3045 35 30X48 DT3048 37.5 30X60 DT3060 47 36X36 DT3636 34 42X42 DT4242 46

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